Our School

Mission Statement
The mission of Claxton Elementary School of Arts and Humanities is to provide for all students successful learning experiences which prepare them to be productive, responsible citizens and lifelong learners.  

Claxton is Asheville City Schools’’ Magnet School of the Arts and Humanities and an A+ Network Arts Integrated School! This means that we place a high value on the arts as a way to help students learn.

The A+ Schools Program is a whole school reform model that views the arts as fundamental to how teachers teach and students learn in all subjects. The mission of the A+ Schools Program is to create schools that work for everyone — students, teachers, administrators, parents and the community. Learn more about how A+ impacts the day-to-day learning at Claxton here.  Learn more about the A+ program by visiting the A+ Schools Program website.

The Claxton A+ team is lead by Brooks Butler (Music) and Karen Moriarty (Teaching Assistant). Additional Team Members: Teresa Carter (Assistant Principal), James Cassara (Art), Sharolyn Curenton (1st), Kim Dechant (Principal), Linda Geer (Media Specialist), Emily Greenelsh (4th), Holly Gregg (3rd), Melissa Cole Essig (Parent), Vandora Henderson (2nd), and Justin Williams (Kindergarten).

Check out the latest at the A+ Blog!

Claxton Students have Roots and Wings!  Roots and Wings is a research-based approach for enrichment and remediation. The program includes 1 block per day Monday through Thursday where students are grouped according to need to focus on bringing performance up in key skill areas and/or extending the learning opportunities for those students ready for more challenges.

Please visit the school website to learn more about what makes our school unique and what's happening in the classroom