Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Grounds Update!

Most of the plants that we had donated in the fall have been planted around the school and it really looks great. Thanks to a small group of hard working parents, Claxton’s landscape is shaping up!

The K-1 playground has had more exciting things happen. We now have a dry creek bed for drainage and a bridge for kids to play on. The dry creek bed held up well during the torrential rains last week! Thanks to Paul Willard for his hard work and artistic eye!

We are working on several grants for the large playground. It is going to require a lot of grading and drainage work before we can even get to the fun stuff. Hopefully we can start working on that this summer.

On Hillside and Merrimon Avenue, we are planting lots of plants, in hopes of creating a noise buffer from the roar of traffic. That way, we will be able to eventually have outdoor classrooms! We are just starting, but hopefully will be able to raise some funds to plant hollies and other plants in the upcoming years to enhance this sound barrier.

Now, we are just trying to keep weeds and grass at bay around the plants we have installed.

We need your help!  

We have dumped some mulch around the plants, and it needs to be spread out. We also have a bit more mulch near the front entrance that can be used. Can you spare 30 minutes to an hour and stop in anytime to help spread this mulch? There are also weeds to be pulled along the building and in the planting beds at the corners of Merrimon. 

Also, we'd love to plant some fern and hosta in the front raised beds at the Hillside/Merrimon corner. If you have any to share, we would love to have them!

The Asheville City School Board meets at Claxton on Monday, May 7. Won’t it be great for our grounds to welcome to them? Please lend a hand in the coming week to help with these projects to make sure everything looks great!

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