Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thank you Health Fair Volunteers

The Health Fair at Claxton allows us to provide recommended screenings for students, all in one day. This prevents multiple disruptions of the class schedule throughout the year for various screenings. The screening help to detect health-related problems early in the school year so that they can be addressed proactively.  

The following screenings were done at Claxton's Health Fair on September 12th:
  • Dental – Grade 2 only
  • Vision – Grades 1, 3 & 5 (and individual students referred by teacher)
  • BMI (Body Mass Index) – Grades K-5

Hearing screenings are also conducted, but on a separate day by the Speech/Language Pathologists of Asheville City Schools.

It takes A LOT of people to hold a smooth and successful Health Fair. This year, we had 12 parent volunteers who helped make this one of our best Health Fairs ever. 

 Thanks so much to everyone who helped out!

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