Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Claxton Elementary’s 6th Annual Storytelling Festival on Thursday, December 6th, 2012.

That’s right-we’re in our 6th year of this amazing experience, the brainchild of our wonderful Mr. Godleski!

Claxton Elementary School’s Storytelling Day involves professional and amateur storytellers. Students take a whole day to experience the art of storytelling in cross-grade assemblies and grade specific small group settings. Students can be involved in the telling as well as being active listeners, as precursory and follow-up classroom activities make this not just a wonderful day of entertainment, but an important educational event as well. With an emphasis on grade level themes from the N.C. State Essential Standards and Common Core Curriculum, the overall intention is to strengthen students’ connection to their learning and expose them to the culture and diversity that a wide array of storytellers can represent. Southern Appalachian, Native American, African, and African American cultures are emphasized, but storytellers of all types are welcome to volunteer or solicit for a paid performance. This year Claxton’s Storytelling Day will be Thursday, December 6.

We want to encourage parents and teachers to make students aware of this event ahead of time so it doesn’t just appear out of nowhere as a “day of entertainment.” It's something teachers can use in precursory and follow up activities to connect to the curriculum (elements of writing and stories, social studies, audience behavior, listening skills, drama, etc. etc.). 

We have had Storytellers from a variety of sources: teachers, professionals, UNCA retirement center, parents, deaf storytellers, Native American, African American, musical, dramatic, etc. etc.

We would love to have a student storytelling station this year so please consider whether you could support and encourage your student to be a storyteller!

Please contact Brooks Butler or Tom Godleski if interested in being a part of this year’s event. 

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