Saturday, August 31, 2013

What is the Bear Pack? 

This is a new group of Claxton dads who can make themselves available to help out at Claxton Elementary wherever needed. 

Too busy for long-term projects at school but want to help? The Bear Pack is for you! No meetings, no officers, no dues, no Robert's Rules of Order; we are rapid response volunteer help for much needed fast projects at our school.

OK you will get a stylish T-shirt, laminated membership card, a sticker for your manly vehicle (or Prius), and the knowledge that you are letting your children see you volunteer for something important-- to both you and them.

Become a member, be an involved parent, help when you can, make a difference. Join the Bear Pack today by emailing your name & contact info to: to join or get more information. 

--First Meeting is Never--

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