Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Gear up for Go Local Card Pre-Sales starting this November!

What is the Go Local Card?  

Go Local Card is a community-wide campaign to support the Asheville City Schools. It is unique in our community and unique across the country. Locally owned businesses have donated a discount to card holders for one year. 100% of the proceeds will benefit schools and our community by supporting your school, the Asheville City Schools Foundation, and the Asheville Grown Business Alliance.

What is the Go Local Card Fundraiser? The Go Local Card Fundraiser is a unique opportunity to pre-sell loyalty cards that provide discounts to the purchaser for over 300 local businesses all over Asheville. The cards sell for $15.  Five dollars from each card sold goes directly to your school or PTO. Our schools are offered a unique pre-sale window from November 1 to December 1, 2013 so that you can ensure your school gets $5 from each card. This year, we added many new business and focused on those close to our schools.  Contact Erica@acsf.org or (828) 350-6139 for more info.

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