Saturday, November 12, 2011

Giving Thanks for Grounds Helpers!

Fall is in the air...and the plants are in the ground!  Well, many new plants that were donated to our school have been installed in recent weeks.  We'd like to thank the following businesses who so generously contributed plants to the school:

If you're planning on shopping for plants this fall or for the holiday season, please consider supporting these businesses that so generously support our school!  Let them know you're from Claxton, and please tell them "Thank You!"

Please also thank the Claxton parents and friends that have come out to do the hands-on work of getting the plants installed: Kristin Cozza, Molly Peeples, David Davidson, Bernie Griwatz, Eric Mueller, Mary Beth Kingston, Dorrie and George Sieburg, Lockie Hunter, Judy Wells, Andrew Godleski, Lee and Mary Skelton.

We really appreciate all of their hard work on such a cold and blustery workday! Hardy souls! Please give them a pat on the back (or a back rub!) if you see them.

And, if you've been at school, you've seen that we still have a number of plants to install that are placed around the grounds. If you find yourself with few extra minutes (maybe after drop off or before pickup), please feel free to bring a shovel and help out. There is a large pile of compost in front of the big metal box next to the main entrance to school. 

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