Thursday, November 8, 2012

Go Local NOW!

What is go local?
Go Local is a community-wide campaign to support the Asheville City Schools. It is unique in our community and unique across the country. Locally owned businesses have donated a discount to card holders for one year. 100% of the proceeds will benefit schools and our community by supporting you, the Asheville City Schools Foundation, and the Asheville Grown Business Alliance.

What is the Go Local card Fundraiser? 
The Go Local Card Fundraiser is a unique opportunity to pre-sell loyalty cards that provide discounts to the purchaser for over 350 local businesses all over Asheville. The cards sell for $15.  Five dollars from each card sold goes directly to your PTO.  Our schools are offered a unique pre-sale window from November 1 to December 1, 2012. This year, we are added many new business and focused on those close to our schools. 

When you purchase a Go Local card in the month of November, you can designate support the Asheville City School of your choice.

How it works:
You will recieve a marketing packet that inlcudes the Go Local cards, flyers to post and  materials to send home in backpacks. Please do not give the cards out before you receive the money for them.  
Direct people to our Facebook page so that they can keep in touch and get information on our participating businesses and deals. It is updated almost daily with new offers and discounts. The link is!/avlgolocal

Financial Management:
At the end of January 2013, you will write a check to ACSF for the total of number of cards  you've sold times $10.00.  You keep your $$$.   Individuals can purchase cards online and designate your school as well.  Many campaigns do ¬really well with an online email/facebook component. 
Contact:  Michelle Robinson,

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