Thursday, November 8, 2012

Claxton FLL Teams to Compete in Regional Tournament!

Please congratulate the Claxton's FLL Teams, the Wise Old Owls and Pajamma Grammas, on their success at the FLL tournament last weekend at UNCA! 

Wise Old Owls took home the presentation trophy, recognizing their enthusiastic performance, and the ability to incorporate research with seniors and practicing professionals into their fun and engaging skit.  While they were in their project judging and we were all waiting in the halls, the time keeper gave a big "Oh, wow!" when they got to the song.  GREAT JOB!

The Pajamma Grammas were recognized for being the team that consistently performed in the handful or top competitors across categories!  This goes to show that all of the hard work and practice really paid off.  GREAT TEAM EFFORT!

What does our success mean?  It means the teams are invited to one  regional tournament on December 1st.  

They were fantastic!  There were many twists and turns and, of course some highly charged moments!  The kids did fantastic -- they were smart, adaptable, and very supportive of one another (one of the hardest things for a kid to do in the midst of the ups & downs)!  Please let them know how proud we are of them!

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