Thursday, February 28, 2013

Chaperones Needed for Upcoming Field Trips

We have a number of field trips coming up that we need chaperones for!

Please let me know if you can join us for any of the following trips:

SOCON Basketball - Friday March 8th (All grades)
Heath Adventures - Wednesday March 13th (5th Grade)
Muddy Sneakers - Monday March 18th (5th Grade)
Muddy Sneakers - Monday April 8th (5th Grade

Also, we are looking for chaperones for GIRLS for the 5th grade field trip to Atlanta (April 24th & 25th).  Fifth grade parents know this has been an issue in the past.  So, if you're willing and able to help make sure that the girls have the same small group attention that the boys get, please step up!

Remember, for all grades, the best source of field trip information is you classroom teacher.  Volunteering to be a chaperone is a GREAT way to see what the kids are doing, understand the dynamics among students, and demonstrate to your child how important learning is.  It's also FUN!  So, don't hesitate... get involved!

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