Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Claxton After School Arts Pick Up for Classes that meet in the Cafeteria

The gym is being used after school each Tuesday - Thursday for play practice.  This means we are releasing after school arts classes EITHER through the front doors or from the cafeteria.

Classes held in the cafeteria that will release there are: Bitty Budos on Tuesdays and Bricks 4 Kidz on Wednesdays.  If you walk up to get your children, please plan to pick up students who have a class in the cafeteria outside the cafeteria instead of in the gym. Please walk down to the cafeteria to pick up your child at 3:45. If you pick up your child in the car line, teachers will still walk students to the front of the school.

Other classes still release from the front doors, so you can follow the same plan for those classes as before.

Thanks and sorry for any confusion during the first week of classes, but this change hopefully will make pick up run more smoothly this week.

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