Thursday, January 3, 2013

Magnet School Forum - January 8th

Greetings ACS Elementary/Preschool Families and Staff,

Next Tuesday (Jan 8th) we will be hosting our annual Magnet School Forum here in our boardroom at Central Services. The event is designed for the families of the new kindergarten class that will begin school on or about August 21, 2013 and for newcomers to our community with elementary-age children.

Help us spread the word! This is an important event, as is the Open House process at our five elementary schools on January 28-30, so if you have friends and/or family who would benefit by learning more about our terrific magnet school offerings, please share the information below.

Thanks, and Happy New Year.

Charlie Glazener

  1. Asheville City Schools will host a Magnet School Forum on Tuesday, January 8, 2013 at 6:30 PM at the ACS Central Office Board Room at 85 Mountain Street. Principals of each of Asheville City Schools’ five elementary schools will be there to highlight the unique programs and approaches at their school as well as to answer questions. All interested parents/guardians are cordially invited to attend.
  2. Asheville City Schools will also host an open house at each of its five magnet elementary schools on Monday, January 28, Tuesday, January 29 and Wednesday, January 30 from 9:00 AM until 2:00 PM. Parents whose children will enter kindergarten in August, newcomers to the community and others interested in learning about their neighborhood school(s) are encouraged and welcome to visit.
  3. The magnet school application period runs from February 4 until March 15 for enrolling kindergarten students, for new families who are interested in attending an ACS magnet elementary school or for parents who would like to request a transfer within the five schools. Letters of assignment will go out in late April.
Claxton/Arts and Humanities – 241 Merrimon Avenue (North Asheville) – Phone: 350-6500
Hall Fletcher/Science, Math and Technologies – 60 Ridgelawn Avenue (West Asheville) – Phone: 350-6400
Isaac Dickson/Experiential Learning – 125 Hill Street (Downtown Asheville) – Phone: 350-6800
Ira B. Jones/Global Scholars – 544 Kimberly Avenue (North Asheville) – Phone: 350-6700
Vance/Human Diversity and Ecology – 98 Sulphur Springs Road (West Asheville) – Phone: 350-6600
For more information call the school(s) or Charlie Glazener at the ACS Central Office (350-6120)

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